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Monthly Service

River Palm Landscaping offers commercial landscaping services to HOA's, apartment buildings and condos, We also maintain industrial / investment properties.

River Palm Landscaping has been serving the residential market in Lake Havasu with quality landscaping ideas since 2008, we offer Lake Havasu Landscaping ideas and monthly service plans.

Lets just say this, we make your home look GREAT! Let River Palm Landscaping in Lake Havasu take care of your landscaping needs monthly to assure your home looks great at all times.

Don't settle for anything less then the best, River Palm Landscaping uses native trees, native plants to make certain that the plants and trees perform well in our hot climate. it may be cheaper to get trees from other sources but they may not do well in our Lake Havasu hot climate. Always use native plants and trees and they will do far better.


If you are looking to have a new look, desert scape, tropical look or anything you can dream up let us know and we will be happy to help you get the look  you want. Contact River Palm Landscaping today @ 928.680.8608